We are focused on further improving the customer experience by making it both fast and easy as well as enjoyable and personal to bet with William Hill.

To do this, we are expanding our product range, increasing our marketing investment and using our technology for continuous improvement.


Grow UK market share

The UK remains our near-term priority. It is not only our largest market, it is also the world’s largest regulated online gambling market, four times bigger than Italy. Our brand, extensive high street footprint, product range, user experience and large-scale marketing investment remain powerful drivers in this market and we are confident we can further grow market share.

To achieve this, we aim to:

  • continue to deliver an extensive product pipeline to make William Hill an exciting destination for customers;
  • establish a market-leading omni-channel offering to improve brand loyalty and broaden the customer experience for Retail customers; and
  • reassert William Hill’s position as a leading brand by targeted increases in marketing spend. 

Continued international revenue growth

We will continue to grow internationally, capitalising on good growth in digital markets and diversifying our sources of revenues.

In the US, we are building optionality ahead of potential regulatory change. We are extending our footprint – digital and physical – wherever we can, including adding sports books in Nevada, mobile in Delaware and a new race book in Iowa. 

In Italy and Spain we will continue to invest in marketing to capitalise on continued market growth. In other markets, the global technology platform we are developing will provide an efficient market entry in due course. 


Transformation and technology projects

Enabling this strategy are two key projects: a transformation programme to increase efficiencies and deliver £40m of annualised savings to support our higher investment; and a three-year programme to deliver a global technology platform for the whole William Hill Group.

For the UK, we now have in place the major technology components we need to deliver our current product pipeline. Having benefited from the increased capacity added by the Grand Parade team, we are investing to further expand our product development team by increasing headcount in the coming months.

We are also investing over the next three years in our next-generation technology platform alongside OpenBet. This will enable us to improve the customer experience even further in the UK.